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Evaluation and Valuation of an Innovative Digital Ocular Motility Measuring System

Ossama M. Hakim, MD; Mohamed Kaoud, MD; Ala Sadek, MD

Magrabi Eye Hospital

Introduction:  Cover tests are the standard reference for measuring ocular deviation. Recently, a novel videoculographic system for strabismus measurement (Gazelab) was been introduced in the market.
The aim of our work is to compare strabismus measurements done by Gazelab to that done by cover tests.

Methods:  Fifty patients aged 7-40 years with congenital or acquired strabismus were included in the study.  All patients were evaluated and re-evaluated with the new videoculographic system and with cover tests. For both assessments, ocular deviations were measured at 9-point target grid located at 3 meters.

Results:  Patients were classified into two groups.
The first group consisted of 30 patients with comitant deviation. 80.00% of patients were within 5 PD and 97.00 % were within 10 PD. Both methods reproduced the same characteristic strabismus patterns in the 9-point grid.

The second group consisted of 20 patients with incomitant deviation. 70 % of patients were within 10 PD for horizontal deviation and 60 % were within 8 PD for vertical deviation.
Strabismus patterns were hard to be reproduced by cover tests but were feasibly reproduced by videoculographic system.

Discussion:  While the agreement between the videoculographic system and cover tests was reasonable for the first group and partial for the second group, the new system was far superior to cover tests. |This because the measurements of the videoculographic system were more easily and accurately reproducible, which makes it more reliable for assessment of ocular deviation.

Conclusion:  The novel videoculographic system provides a breakthrough in practice of strabismus and represents the future for strabismus research and management.

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