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AAPOS Member Understanding of Regional Vision Screening in the United States

Matthew Fukuda; Michael Chung; Benjamin Robinson; Leila M. Khazaeni; Jennifer A. Dunbar
Loma Linda University Eye Institute
Loma Linda, CA


Introduction: Advances in photoscreening technologies have allowed community based screening programs to reach large geographic areas. Pediatric ophthalmologists have a vested interest in the quality, location and success of these programs.

Methods: An online survey sent to 1000 AAPOS members practicing within the United States asked about the presence of a screening program by geographic location, screening modalities used, personnel involved, referral rates and age range of children screened. Program characteristics as well as AAPOS member practice locations were displayed geographically using ArcGIS software (esri, Redlands, CA).

Results: 290 responses (representing nearly half of pediatric ophthalmology practices listed in the AAPOS directory) were obtained from pediatric ophthalmologists in 44 states. 210 (71.67%) reported that a vision screening program exists in their region. 148 (60.16%) indicated that pediatricians perform screenings, followed by preschool programs (140 or 57.38%) and Lions Club volunteers (96 or 39.34%). 29.44% of respondents indicated the age at initial screening to be 3-4 years while 23.33% of respondents indicated initial screening at age 0-1 years.

Discussion: The results suggest that much of the geographic United States has access to preschool vision screening. AAPOS members’ responses regarding vision screening programs were largely confined to urban areas consistent with their practice location. Variability exists among vision screening programs within the same geographic area, often with multiple entities screening the same region.

Conclusion: Pediatric ophthalmologists’ collective understanding of current vision screening programs is a valuable resource with potential application to the development of new vision screening programs or the enhancement of current programs.

References: Donahue SP et al. Guidelines for automated preschool vision screening: A 10-year, evidence-based update. J AAPOS. 2013;17(1):4-8

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