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Accuracy of Spot™ Vision Screener in Detecting Refractive Errors in Adults

Mehdi Tavakoli; Rachel Wagstaff; Mohamed Sayed; Kara Cavuoto; Craig McKeown; Richard Lee; Hilda Capo
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Miami, Florida


Introduction: The Spot™ Vision Screener (SVS) has been demonstrated to provide good specificity and sensitivity in detecting amblyogenic risk factors in children. However, it has not been thoroughly evaluated in adults. This study aims to evaluate the accuracy of the SVS as a handheld and relatively inexpensive device to measure refractive errors in adult.

Methods: Prospective, cross-sectional study of adult patients at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute from July to October 2017. The refractive error was measured using the SVS and the Retinomax K-plus3 autorefractor. The values of sphere, cylinder, and astigmatism axis were compared using interclass correlation coefficients (ICC). Excellent, good and poor agreements were defined as ICC levels of >0.75, 0.3-0.75 and <0.3, respectively.

Results: 46 participants (62% female, average age 52.15+18.76 years) were included. Overall, ICCs were found to be 0.88 for sphere and 0.89 for astigmatism axis, indicating excellent agreement. The ICC was 0.65 for cylinder power, indicating good agreement between the SVS and autorefractometer. In strabismic eyes (n=12), the sphere agreement was poor. The SVS was unable to capture measurements in 12 out of 19 pseudophakic patients.

Discussion: The overall favorable results show the SVS may be used as an autorefractor in adults, although inaccuracy of measurements should be considered in certain conditions, such as strabismus.

Conclusion: The preliminary outcome of this study shows overall strong agreement between the SVS and the Retinomax K-plus3 in adults. SVS might potentially be used to accurately detect refractive errors in adults especially in underserved areas.

References: 1- Pascolini D, Mariotti SP. Global estimates of visual impairment: 2010. Br J Ophthalmol. 2011;96(5):614-618.
2-         Peterseim MMW, Papa CE, Wilson ME, et al. The effectiveness of the Spot Vision Screener in detecting amblyopia risk factors. Journal of AAPOS. 2014;18(6):539-542.

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