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A Survey on Conjunctival Closure in Strabismus Surgery

Rotsen M. Evaristo; David B. Granet; Shira L. Robbins
Ratner Children’s Eye Center
La Jolla, California


Introduction: Our previous survey on perioperative management of strabismus showed unexpected variability in technique for conjunctival closure in surgery. A follow-up survey will be repeated to illuminate on specific aspects surrounding conjunctival closure.
Purpose:  The purpose of this study is to identify surgical management protocols for conjunctival closure amongst strabismus surgeons around the world.

Methods: A survey about conjunctival closure in strabismus surgery was sent to all pediatric ophthalmologists around the world.

Results: Over 6% of the respondents do not close conjunctival incisions after strabismus surgery. A majority (53%) close conjunctival incisions with 8-0 vicryl.  This was followed by 6-0 vicryl (19%), 6-0 plain gut (9%), 7-0 vicryl (5%), and 10-0 nylon (0.8%).  One surgeon reports using tissue glue to close conjunctiva after strabismus surgery.

Discussion: The follow-up survey is still on going, and the data will be updated once more responses are collected.

Conclusion: There are a wide range of approaches in the management of conjunctival incisions in strabismus surgery. The lack of concrete rationale favoring one technique over the other encourages more scientific investigation to be pursued.

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