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The Importance of the Orthoptist in the Treatment of Neurological Acquired Binocular Diplopia

Sophie Polychroniadis-Scouros, DBO D; Cicely F. Freeman, DBO T
Hygeia Hospital
Athens Greece


Introduction: This paper stresses the importance that Orthoptists should carry out Orthoptic treatment in the presence of acquired neurological diplopia.
It is based on over 40 years of practical clinical |experience, both in National Health and Private practice.

Methods: Referrals from Ophthalmologists, Neurologists and Neurosurgeons, Endocrinologists etc.of cases with acquired neurological binocular diplopia, were examined and treated by the Author. Orthoptic treatment was the principle method of therapy

Results: Examples will be documented, showing good responses to Orthoptic Treatment. Primarily all cases were given Orthoptic treatment in the clinic, combined with Orthoptic homework treatment. Complementary treatment may be given such as prisms, botox, surgery.

Discussion: The philosophy is based on restoring preexisting binocular single vision, having Orthoptic treatment playing a major part, so the patient can either fully recover or partially recover.

Conclusion: Further research, in parallel to the Orthoptic treatment, would be to record any changes which occur within the brain using functional MRI. On the internet non Orthoptists offer a variety of treatments for diplopia,they do not have the professional training of Orthoptists, therefore the professional body should promote our expertise in cases of diplopia.

References: S. Polychroniadis-Scouros Orthoptic Treatment as Part of the Management of Ocular Motility Impairment on Acquired Neuro-Ophthalmological Cases with Diplopia. XIIIth International Orthoptic Congress IOA 2016 June 27-30 Amsterdam poster 31

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