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Optos Ultra-Wide Field Imaging in Intubated Pediatric Patients

Fabienne C. Fierz 1,2, MD; Chetan K. Patel, MD
1 Oxford Eye Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Oxford, United Kingdom
2 Department of Ophthalmology, University Hospital Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland


Introduction: We aim to report the feasibility of Optos ultra-widefield retinal imaging in intubated patients. The technique has previously been successfully used in non-intubated infants and young children [1].

Methods: The Optos ultra-widefield scanning laser ophthalmoscope was used to obtain imaging in 5 intubated pediatric patients. Rate of successful imaging and associated adverse outcomes were reviewed.

Results: Premature intubated babies with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) were examined on the neonatal intensive care unit. Imaging was performed in the operating room in older children in different clinical settings requiring examination under general anesthesia. Successful images were obtained in all 5 cases using a modified ‘flying baby position’. We have not encountered any serious adverse outcomes such as oxygen desaturation or need for re-intubation.

Discussion: ROP and other retinal diseases in infants or children requiring examination under general anesthesia often show significant peripheral retinal pathology. Ultra-wide field imaging using Optos therefore offers an advantage over other fundus cameras by being capable of capturing images of the posterior pole and retinal periphery simultaneously.

Conclusion: Optos imaging using a modified ‘flying baby position’ can be safely used in intubated infants and young children in different clinical settings to obtain high quality fundus images.

References: 1. Patel CK, Fung THM, Muqit MMK, Mordant DJ, Brett J, Smith L, et al. Non-contact ultra-widefield imaging of retinopathy of prematurity using the Optos dual wavelength scanning laser ophthalmoscope. Eye. 2013 May;27(5):589-96.

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