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Diabetic Retinopathy in Children: Results from a National Screening Programme

Patrick Watts; Ryan Davies; Rebecca L. Thomas; Owen David
University Hospital of Wales
Cardiff, UK


Introduction: Children with confirmed type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) undergo a national annual digital screening from the age of 12 years. We report the results of 10 years of this screening programme.

Methods: All children </=18years at the time of diagnosis of type 1 DM was identified from the Wales Diabetic Eye Screening Wales (DESW) database between 2003 and 2013.   Data collected included the age, gender, duration of DM and the presence or absence of any diabetic retinopathy.

Results: There were 1770 subjects </=18 years were identified on the database during this period. The mean age at the time of first screening was 14.1± 21.1 years. There were 827 males (46.7%) and the mean duration of DM was 5.8± 4.0years. During this period 82.6% (1462) had no DR, 13.4% mild background DR, 3.7% (66) moderate background DR, 0.1% (1) had proliferative DR and 0.4% with maculopathy. The mean age for the presence of any DR was 14.7 ±2.1 year compared to those with no DR was 13.9± 2.1 years (P= 0.001) and the mean duration of DM for any DR was 8.6± 4.2 years compared to 5.0± 3.5 years for those without DR (P=0.001). The incidence of referral was 7.4% during this study period.

Discussion: The DESW is a national programme providing screening for all children with DM over 12 years of age. DR in children increases with age and duration of diabetes.

Conclusion: Our screening programme promptly identifies and refers all children with sight threatening DR for management

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