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Using an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to Audit the Clinical Outcomes of Strabismus Surgery

John D. Ferris, FRCOphth; Miranda Buckle, FRCOphth
Gloucestershire Eye Unit


Introduction: Most audits of strabismus surgery outcomes involve retrieving paper or electronic medical record (EMR) notes and inputting data into a spreadsheet for analysis. This is a slow and laborious process. This paper demonstrates how to analyse the results of strabismus surgery using the Medisoft EMR.

Methods: Medisoft is specialty specific EMR designed by ophthalmologists. It includes a strabismus audit suite capable of analysing multiple variables including, pre and post-operative prism cover test (PCT) deviations, mms of surgery performed and the planned post-operative deviation.
We will use the audit suite to conduct a ‘live’ real-time audit of the results of surgery for infantile esotropia, intermittent exotropia and secondary exotropias.

Results: The change in strabismus angle vs mm’s of surgery performed, the pre-operative vs post-operative angle and the deviation from the surgical aim will be analysed electronically for these three strabismus conditions.
The interactive function of the audit suites box plot chart will be used to ‘drill through’ to review individual patients included within a box plot to provide detailed information on any outliers.

Discussion: The Medisoft EMR is the only EMR that allows meaningful analysis of the results of strabismus surgery. It enables surgeons to analyse their results and  to modify their surgical numbers accordingly. Surgical outliers can be identified easily.
It also provides patients with accurate information about the success rates of surgery.

Conclusion: Electronic audit using the Medisoft EMR enables instant and detailed analysis of the outcomes of strabismus surgery.

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