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Referral Outcomes from a Vision Screening Program for School-Aged Children

John Anhalt, MD; Marlee Silverstein, BA; Katelyn Scharf, BA; Eileen L. Mayro, BA; Melanie Snitzer, MSW, LSW, ACSW; Michael Pond, BA; Linda Siam, BS; Alex V. Levin, MD, MHSc
Wills Eye Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Introduction: Community vision screening programs rely on appropriate care of identified ocular disease through pediatric ophthalmology referral and consultation to ensure successful correction of each student’s vision challenges.

Methods: We reviewed the referrals generated by our in-school vision screening program for children in grades K-5 in School District of Philadelphia public schools between January 2014 and June 2015. Children with subnormal best corrected visual acuity or other ocular conditions were referred to a pediatric ophthalmology service. A social worker assisted parents/guardians of referred children in scheduling an appointment and navigating insurance/payment issues.Â

Results: Of 10,726 children screened, 509 (4.7%) were referred for a follow-up eye examination. Of these 509 children, only 127 (25.0%) completed their referral eye examination. Most children (57.5%) were diagnosed with more than one eye condition. The most common ocular conditions were refractive error (75.6%), amblyopia (42.5%), strabismus (15.7%), and anisometropia (12.6%). Other conditions included macular hypoplasia, ptosis and other congenital anomalies.

Discussion: Our study illustrates the potential efficacy of a community based vision screening program to identify significant ocular pathology and connect affected students with pediatric ophthalmology consultation thereafter.

Conclusion: This program addressed potentially vision-threatening conditions in underserved children by offering social work services and financial support to enable children to complete a referral eye examination following a failed in school vision screening.

References: 1. Hark L, Mayro E, Schneider R, Torosian J, Tran J, Pond M, Snitzer M, Dabbish N, Levin AV: Improving access to vision screening in urban Philadelphia elementary schools. J AAPOS 2016;20(5):439-443
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