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Using an Electronic Medical Record to Perform a ‘Live’ Audit of the Results of Amblyopia Treatment

Rebecca Hunn; Jane Hadlington, BSc; Miranda Buckle, FRCOphth; Parth Shah, FRANZCO; John D. Ferris, FRCOphth
Gloucestershire Eye Unit


Introduction: Auditing the results of amblyopia treatments using paper based notes or electronic medical records (EMR), is always a time consuming and laborious process, that is frequently plagued by incomplete data. This presentation will demonstrate how the results of amblyopia treatment can be analysed using the Medisoft EMR.

Methods: We will conduct a ‘live’ audit of our Medisoft amblyopia database to analyse the results of occlusion therapy for children presenting at different ages, with different visual acuities and with different types of amblyopia.

Results: The visual acuities at 16, 32, 48 and 64 week intervals for these different audit parameters will be presented in graphical form.

Discussion: The potential benefits of this type of audit include;
1)         It enables departments to measure the quality of the amblyopia treatment they provide and to benchmark themselves against the results of the PEDIG studies.
2)         Children / Parents can be given accurate predictions of their likely visual outcome based on the child’s  age at presentation, presenting visual acuity and type of amblyopia.
3)         Groups of children with poor outcomes can be identified easily and resources directed towards them.
4)         The effect of a new amblyopia treatment, can  easily be compared with established treatment protocols. This “real world” data is likely to be a more accurate reflection of the efficacy of a treatment than trial data.

Conclusion: The Medisoft EMR is the only EMR that enables clinicians to accurately analyse the results of treatment for amblyopia, with no additional data entry being required.

References: No relevant references

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