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Risk Stratification of the Prevalence of Children Myopia by Parental Myopia in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Children Eye Study

Jason C.S. Yam, MBBS, FRCS(Ed); Shumin Tang
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong


Introduction: To determine the prevalence and its risk stratification of myopia in Chinese children according to their parental myopia in a population-based study.

Methods: A total of 3199 children (response rate 91.4%) from Grade One to Grade Three (aged 6 to 9 years) and 4496 parents were recruited from Hong Kong Children Eye Study. Axial length (AL), anterior chamber depth (ACD), and corneal curvature were obtained. Cycloplegic auto-refraction was measured for children and non-cycloplegic refraction for parents. Multiple regression analysis was performed to explore the associations between refraction and ocular biometry.

Results: The prevalence of myopia in children (aged 6 to 9 years) was 26.21%, which was higher in boys and in the older age group. In parents, the myopia prevalence was 78.53%. The prevalence of myopia in parents increased with their educational level. The prevalence of myopia in children was 10.53%, 12.31%, 17.76%, 24.77%, 25.25%, 36.13%, 26.58%, 34.47%, 41.62%, and 54.10% when the severity of myopia in both parents was nonmyopic/nonmyopic, nonmyopic/mild, mild/mild, nonmyopic/moderate, mild/moderate, moderate/moderate, nonmyopic/high, mild/high myopia, moderate/high, and high/high. There was 11.9-fold increase in risk of myopia when both parents were highly myopic.

Discussion: The prevalence of myopia in children and their parents are high in Hong Kong. Risk of myopia in children is highly dependent on parental myopia.

Conclusion: We have stratified the risk of myopia of children according to the severity of myopia of both parents. This serves as an important guide for our predication.

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