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Evaluating the Evidence: AAPOS Research Committee Analyses of What’s Hot in Pediatric Ophthalmology

Gil Binenbaum; Brian P. Brooks; Steven E. Brooks; Alejandra de Alba Campomanes; Fatema Ghasia; Judith Gurland; Gena Heidary; Iris Kassem; Stacy Pineles; Bahram B. Rahmani; Michael Yang
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

Purpose/Relevance: To help clinicians evaluate the quality and clinical generalizability of recent high-profile research studies presented by the AAPOS Professional Education Committee at the 2018 Meeting, and in the process, build the critical appraisal skills of the audience.

Target Audience: Pediatric ophthalmologists and strabismologists who wish to evaluate noteworthy new research publications in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus and acquire new skills in critical analysis of the literature.

Current Practice: Clinicians often are aware of new key articles in their field but feel unsure of how to evaluate the quality and validity of the studies, as they decide whether to incorporate new findings into their own practice. While research workshops have been conducted at past AAPOS meetings, these workshops have been mostly conceptual.

Best Practice: Practicing ophthalmologists should have the skills to critically evaluate the methodology and findings of new research findings, particularly recent studies that have a potential to change clinical practice. They need to appreciate limitations posed by bias and generalizability and assess the impact of such limitations before making changes in practice. Such skills are best taught by practical application, using studies of particularly high interest to the field.

Expected Outcomes: The audience will gain high-yield analysis of the most recent ‘hot’ studies in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus and develop critical appraisal skills in the process.

Format: This workshop is a ‘sister-workshop’ to ‘What’s New in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus’ and will occur in the same room and immediately follow the ‘What’s New’ workshop. A panel of AAPOS Research Committee members will critically analyze for the audience 4-5 studies selected in collaboration with the Professional Education committee as being among the most important from those presented in the 2018 ‘What’s New’ workshop.

Summary: In an innovative collaboration between AAPOS committees, attendees will receive a helpful, in-depth analysis of new research studies, which may impact their clinical practice. In the process, they will increase their understanding of study design and critical appraisal, so that they can make to their own, well-informed judgments about research publications in the future.

References: Moons et al. Prognosis and prognostic research: what, why, and how? BMJ. 338:1317-20. 2009.

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