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Adult Strabismus Workshop

David Stager, Jr., MD; Edward G. Buckley, MD; Forrest J. Ellis, MD; Irene Ludwig, MD; Gena Heidary, MD, PhD; David L. Guyton, MD; Steven M. Archer, MD



Purpose/Relevance: The management of adults with strabismus is a growing portion of the clinical and surgical volume for many pediatric ophthalmologists. This workshop is designed to educate attendees about surgical treatment of adults with strabismus and offer practical ways to better prepare one’s practice to manage this often neglected group.

Target Audience: Pediatric ophthalmologists, strabismologists, and orthoptists interested in evaluating and treating adults with strabismus.

Current Practice: Pediatric ophthalmologists may be intimidated by preparing one’s practice for the unique challenges that arise in treating adult strabismus. Complicated forms of strabismus, post-operative diplopia, management of torsion, re-operations, and adjustable sutures are among the adult-specific challenges that can deter surgical intervention.

Best Practice: Clinicians will gain a more thorough understanding of surgical approaches and techniques which yield better outcomes in adults with strabismus.

Expected Outcomes: At the conclusion of this workshop, attendees will have a better understanding of how to prepare their practice for adults with strabismus through specialized diagnostic tools, surgical techniques, and advice on how to increase referrals of affected adults.

Format: The workshop will include case presentations, useful advice unique to the adult population, and discussion by a panel of experts. In addition, time for audience participation with questions of the panelists is planned. Use of video for teaching will be included. Throughout the discussions, pertinent scientific literature will be presented and reviewed.

Summary: Topics will include challenging cases of adults with complicated forms a strabismus and special surgical considerations for the adult population, as well as tips, pearls, and advice on how to prepare one’s practice for adult strabismus from surgeons with years of experience.

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