Workshop 3

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Cybersecurity and Cyberliability

Michael J. Bartiss, OD, MD; Anne Menke; Dominic A. Paluzzi, Esq
AAPOS-Socioeconomic Committee

Purpose/Relevance: The purpose of this workshop is to present and discuss cybersecurity risks facing pediatric ophthalmologists and their practices. Steps to mitigate these risks as well as recommendations for levels of cyberliability insurance will be discussed.

Target Audience: The target audience for the session is pediatric ophthalmology practice administrators, practice owners and individual pediatric ophthalmologists.

Current Practice: This topic has become of increasing importance to pediatric ophthalmologists and their practices as news of data breaches continues to increase in frequency and magnitude.

Best Practice: Physicians and their office managers will learn recommended steps to take in their office management to decrease the risk of successful cyber attacks leading potential compromise of PHI contained within their EMR systems, as well as to their personal and practice finances should the financial institutions with which they do business be compromised.

Expected Outcomes: As a result of attending this workshop, physicians and administrators should have a better understanding of the scope and breadth of risks to themselves and their practices from cyber attack. They will learn steps to take to help mitigate these risks. Recommended levels of cyberliability insurance will also be discussed.

Format: This will be a didactic lecture presentation.

Summary: Subjects covered will include discussion of personal and practice cybersecurity risks and how to mitigate these risks. Cyberliability insurance coverage will also be discussed.

References: United States Department of Homeland Security

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