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Audience Directed Workshop: Modern Evaluation and Treatment of Nystagmus

Richard W. Hertle, MD; Veeral Shah, MD.PhD; Lionel Kowal, MD
Akron Children’s Hospital
Akron, Ohio

Purpose/Relevance: This course will include experts who will respond directly to previously gathered queries by those AAPOS members interested in the current evaluation and treatment recommendations for nystagmus.

Target Audience: The target audience includes clinicians, researchers and ancillary professionals who care for patients with nystagmus and related disorders of motility.

Current Practice: Current road blocks to caring for patients includes discrepancies in terminology, variable evaluation protocols, inadequate distribution of current knowledge, and, treatment paradigms that are outdated or poorly shared by multiple disciplines.

Best Practice: As a result of this unique interactive workshop common questions by the audience regarding efficient evaluative protocols and medical, optical and surgical treatment paradigms will be addressed.

Expected Outcomes: We hope that this workshop will stimulate the participants to further increase their knowledge and broaden their skills when evaluating and treating patients with nystagmus.

Format: The format will include a unique, pre-meeting preparatory phase and formal panel presentations. In the months leading up to the 2018 meeting the membership will be contacted electronically through the AAPOS email server and pediatric ophthalmology list serve.  The content of this contact will include a brief introduction to the audience directed workshop and ask for those interested in attending to return an email with their 10 top questions they would like answered by the experts.  These will be collated and consolidated prior to the AAPOS meeting by the panel and answered as part of 4 formal presentations.

Summary: A panel of experts will discover the most common questions regarding the evaluation and treatment of patients with nystagmus. These questions will be obtained electronically during a pre-meeting electronic contact phase.  The questions will then be formally discussed by the panel.

References: Hertle RW, DellOsso LF. Text: Nystagmus In Infancy and Childhood, Current Concepts in Mechanisms, Diagnosis and Management. ISBN 978-0-19-985700-5. Oxford University Press, NY., NY, 2013

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