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AAPOS was formed in 1974 and has over 1800 members. Membership includes the vast majority of practicing fellowship-trained, board-certified pediatric ophthalmologists and adult strabismus specialists in the United States and Canada, as well as over 350 international members. Each year, AAPOS conducts an annual scientific meeting at a location in North America. Annual Meeting attendance in recent years has averaged over 900 professionals, including approximately 700 physicians.

AAPOS Board of Directors

Derek T. Sprunger, MD

Executive Vice President
Christie L. Morse, MD

Vice President
R. Michael Siatkowski, MD

Vice President Elect
Jane C. Edmond, MD

Past President
Robert E. Wiggins, Jr, MD, MHA

Robert S. Gold, MD

Secretary for Program
Scott A. Larson, MD

Director at Large
Jean E. Ramsey, MD, MPH

Director at Large
Stephen P. Christiansen, MD

Director at Large
Deborah M. Alcorn, MD

AAPOS Councilor
Mary Louise Z. Collins, MD

CEF Representative
K. David Epley, MD

AAPOS Past Presidents

Marshall M. Parks, MD
Lake Tahoe, NV 1974–1975

Robert D. Reinecke, MD
Bermuda 1975–1976

Jack C. Crawford, MD
San Francisco, CA 1976–1977

Robison D. Harley, MD
Williamsburg, VA 1977–1978

David S. Friendly, MD
Toronto, Canada 1978–1980

Phillip Knapp, MD
San Diego, CA 1979–1980

Webb Chamberlain, MD
Orlando, FL 1980–1981

Arthur Jampolsky, MD
Monterey, CA 1981–1982

Alfred G. Smith, MD
Vancouver, BC 1982–1983

John A. Pratt–Johnson, MD
Vail, CO 1983–1984

Eugene R. Folk, MD
Puerto Rico 1984–1985

Thomas D. France, MD
Maui, HI 1985–1986

Gunter K. von Noorden, MD
Scottsdale, AZ 1986–1987

Arthur L. Rosenbaum, MD
Boston, MA 1987–1988

William E. Scott, MD
Kiawah Island, SC 1988–1989

Eugene M. Helveston, MD
Lake George, NY 1989–1990

Henry S. Metz, MD
Montreal, Canada 1990–1991

John T. Flynn, MD
Maui, HI 1991–1992

Forrest D. Ellis, MD
Palm Springs, CA 1992–1993

David L. Guyton, MD
Vancouver, BC 1993–1994

Malcolm L. Mazow, MD
Orlando, FL 1994–1995

John D. Baker, MD
Snowbird, UT 1995–1996

Earl A. Palmer, MD
Charleston, SC 1996–1997

John W. Simon, MD
Palm Springs, CA 1997–1998

Marilyn T. Miller, MD
Toronto, Canada 1998–1999

Maynard B. Wheeler, MD
San Diego, CA 1999–2000

Albert W. Biglan, MD
Orlando, FL 2000–2001

Jane D. Kivlin, MD
Seattle, WA 2001–2002

Joseph H. Calhoun, MD
Waikoloa, HI 2002–2003

George S. Ellis, Jr, MD
Washington, DC 2003–2004

Susan H. Day, MD
Orlando, FL 2004–2005

Michael X. Repka, MD, MBA
Keystone, CO 2005–2006

Christie L. Morse, MD
Seattle, WA 2006–2007

Edward G. Buckley, MD
Washington, DC 2007–2008

Bradley C. Black, MD
San Francisco, CA 2008–2009

C. Gail Summers, MD
Orlando, FL 2009–2010

David A. Plager, MD
San Diego, CA 2010–2011

Steven E. Rubin, MD
San Antonio, TX 2011–2012

K. David Epley, MD
Boston, MA 2012–2013

Sharon F. Freedman, MD
Palm Springs, CA 2013–2014

Sherwin J. Isenberg, MD
New Orleans, LA 2014–2015

M. Edward Wilson, Jr, MD
Vancouver, Canada 2015–2016

Robert E. Wiggins, JR, MD, MHA
Nashville, TN 2016–2017