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About ISA

The International Strabismological Association was formed in 1966. ISA represents ophthalmologists and non-ophthalmologists with a special interest in strabismology from 58 countries and has over 300 members. Since its formation, ISA has held a scientific meeting every four years in a different part of the world. The ISA is officially registered in the US as a non-profit organization and its secretariat is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The ISA is run by its Administrative Council (20 representatives elected by the membership) and is headed by the Executive Committee (President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Editor). The last two ISA meetings were held in Istanbul (2010) and Kyoto (2014) with 555 and 900 attendees, respectively.

ISA Past Presidents

T. Keith Lyle, MD
Giessen, Germany 1966–1970

Hermann M. Burian, MD
Acapulco, Mexico 1970–1974

Alberto O. Ciancia, MD
Italy (on board a cruise ship) 1974–1978

Alfredo Arruga, MD
Kyoto, Japan 1978–1982

John A. Pratt–Johnson, MD
Pacific Grove, USA 1982–1986

Gunter K. von Noorden, MD
Rome, Italy 1986–1990

Shinobu Awaya, MD
Gold Coast, Australia 1990–1994

Emilio C. Campos, MD
Vancouver, Canada 1994–1998

Carlos R. Souza–Dias, MD
Maastricht, Netherlands 1998–2002

John P. Lee, MD
Sydney, Australia 2002–2006

Eugene M. Helveston, MD
São Paulo, Brazil 2006–2010

Frank J. Martin, MD
Istanbul, Turkey 2010–2014

Seyhan B. Özkan, MD
Kyoto, Japan 2014–2018