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Advocacy Preparation Workshop

Kenneth P. Cheng, MD; Michael X. Repka, MD; Jordana M. Smith, MD; Kyle E. Miller, MD; Steven C. Thornquist, MD; Todd J. Murdock, MD; John W. Simon, MD; John D. Roarty, MD; Stacey J. Kruger, MD; Constance E. West, MD; Iris S. Kassem, MD, PhD; Pamela E. Williams, MD; Rebecca Hyder

Purpose/Relevance:  There should be no doubt in any physician’s mind that governmental regulation, on the state and federal level, has a tremendous impact on how physicians practice and on the care that patients receive.

Target Audience:  Everyone, including physicians, needs to realize the growing importance of advocacy and of becoming a part of the political decision making process to ensure delivery of the best possible healthcare.  Participants in the AAPOS Advocacy Day and all meeting attendees are encouraged to attend.

Current Practice:  Unfortunately, too few physicians have embraced advocacy as a part of their professional responsibility and their skills with advocacy need to be improved.

Best Practice:  Physicians need to be more active in developing relationships with their legislators on the state and federal level.  A phone call or a visit once a year to introduce or reacquaint yourself would have a tremendous impact on making sure that the interests of our profession and patients are not overlooked.

Expected Outcomes:  This workshop will prepare attendees to visit their legislators.  Current legislation of interest will be reviewed and talking points will be distributed.  Effective communications methods will be demonstrated so participants will be comfortable in these meetings and to help them build the legislative relationships that are so important to our profession and patients.

Format:  Several current bills will be reviewed, with time for discussion, and mock legislative visits will be staged so that participants will be ready for legislative visits now and in the future.


  1. The importance of Advocacy on both the state and federal level will be reviewed.
  2. Current legislative issues will be discussed.
  3. Participants will be introduced to the process of legislative visits and effective communication techniques will be demonstrated so they will be ready to be more involved and effective in advocating for our profession and patients.

References:  none

March 19 @ 14:05


– 15:15

(1h 10′)


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