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Coding Workshop

Another Day in the Life of the Pediatric Ophthalmologist

 Sue Vicchrilli, COT,OCS; Michael J. Bartiss, OD, MD; Robert S. Gold, MD; Heather H. Dunn, COA, OCS


Purpose/Relevance:  Audit recoupments are not based upon unique cases. They are based on what pediatric ophthalmologists do every day. Section 1 of his intensive course will begin with testing your coding competency with a rapid fire question and answer session. Section 2 will follow with real life case presentations and coding (CPT and ICD-10) options depending upon the payer. Section 3 will address the most common payer denials and how to rectify them. All sections designed to help pediatric ophthalmologists appropriately maximize reimbursement and bullet proof their documentation in any audit situation. Participants are encouraged to email coding questions to coding@aao.org. Please list AAPOS in the subject line.

Target Audience:  Pediatric ophthalmologists, practice managers and billing personnel

Current Practice:  Many pediatric ophthalmology encounters and interventions can become difficult to code correctly. Failure to do so results in delayed or denied payments for services provided.

Best Practice:  Better understanding correct coding in pediatric ophthalmology will not only result in more timely reimbursement for services thus increasing cash flow, but better practice efficiency by spending less time processing (and re-processing) claims.

Expected Outcomes:  Upon completion of this course the participant should be able to:
• Accurately answer questions on the fundamentals of pediatric coding
• Apply principles of chart documentation, testing services requirements, and surgical coding for all payers
• Identify and correct claim submission errors which are costly to the practice

Format:  Interactive format with case presentations, questions and answers

Summary:  This presentation will review basic pediatric ophthalmology coding, review principles of proper documentation and surgical coding and identify common claim submission errors that result in delayed or denied payments from insurance carriers.

References:  2018 Ophthalmic Coding: Learn to Code Pediatrics and Strabismus; AAO

CD-10-CM for Ophthalmology: The Complete Reference; AAO

Ophthalmic Coding Coach; AAO

March 19 @ 15:25


– 17:00

(1h 35′)

International Ballroom West

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