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ESA Symposium

Challenges in Adult Strabismus

Moderator: John J. Sloper, FRCOphth

2:00–2:08 PM
Dosage of Recessions and Muscle Elongation in Surgery for Grave’s Orbitopathy
Oliver Ehrt, MD

2:08–2:16 PM
Management of Consecutive Exotropia
Laura Lindberg, MD, PhD

2:16–2:24 PM
The Tight Inferior Oblique Muscle
Rosario Gomez de Liano, MD, PhD

2:24–2:32 PM
The Role of Orbital MRI in Patients with Strange Strabismus Patterns
Giovanni B. Marcon, MD

2:32–2:40 PM
The Contribution of Examination Under Anesthesia to Decision Making in Strabismus Surgery
Dominique Thouvenin, MD

2:40–2:48 PM
The Effect of Suture Adjustment on Surgical Outcomes in Adults with Symptomatic Intermittent Exotropia
John J. Sloper, FRCOphth

2:48–3:00 PM
Question and Answer Session

Purpose/Relevance:  This symposium will discuss difficult or controversial topics in adult strabismus surgery

Target Audience:  Strabismologists and orthoptists at all levels

Current Practice:  Strabismus surgeons undertake surgery for patient with these conditions

Best Practice:  The presenters are experienced strabismus surgeons and will present their experience of undertaking surgery for these conditions

Expected Outcomes:  Improved understanding of the best surgical approaches for patients with these conditions.

Format:  Didactic lectures with questions and discussion

Summary:  This symposium will discuss difficult or controversial topics in adult strabismus surgery including surgery for patients with difficult thyroid eye disease and consecutive exotropia, recognizing the tight inferior oblique muscle, the role of MRI scanning and examination under anesthesia in planning strabismus surgery and the effect of suture adjustment on surgical outcomes in adults with intermittent exotropia.

March 21 @ 14:00


– 15:00


International Ballroom Center

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