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IOA Symposium

The World of Amblyopia Treatment

Moderators: Karen McMain, Med, OC(C) & Shelly Klein, CO, COMT

3:10–3:20 PM
Dichoptic Training and Video Games in the Treatment of Amblyopia: Fantasy or (virtual) Reality?
Linda Colpa OC(C)

3:20–3:30 PM
Inverse Occlusion
Birgit Wahl, MSc

3:30–3:40 PM
Benefits, Barriers and Understanding: The Importance of Spectacle Wear in Young Children
Alison Bruce, PhD

3:40–3:50 PM
Complications of Amblyopia Treatment
David Newsham, PhD

3:50–4:00 PM
Adherence to Therapy in Occlusion
Jan Roelof Polling, PhD candidate

4:00–4:10 PM
Question and Answer Session

Purpose/Relevance:  Amblyopia causes more unilateral cases of reduced vision in childhood than all other causes combined, and it affects as many as four out of every one hundred children. An important public health problem because of its prevalence, visual impairment from amblyopia is lifelong and can be profound.

Target Audience:  Pediatric Ophthalmologists, General Ophthalmologists, Orthoptists, Researchers

Current Practice:  Occlusion therapy

Best Practice:  There is a need for evidenced-based medical approaches in amblyopia treatment.

Expected Outcomes:  Our symposium speakers will take a trip around the world of amblyopia examining different aspects of treatment and the effect of untreated amblyopia on children’s learning. They will examine the evidence for a range new treatments from dichoptic training, perceptual learning and video gaming to a new look at older methods such as inverse occlusion. The adherence to treatment its complications and need for spectacle wear in the young will be addressed. There will be an opportunity to look at the results from these treatment modalities and discuss “take home” recommendations for care.

Format:  Panel discussion

References:  Behavioral Training as a treatment for adult amblyopia; A meta-analysis and systematic review. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science June 2015, Vol.56, Issue 6.

March 21 @ 15:10


– 16:10


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