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ISA Symposium 1

Concepts for Management of Paralytic Strabismus

Moderators: Michael X. Repka, MD & Andrea Molinari, MD

8:35–8:45 AM
Pearls for Management of Abducens Nerve Palsy
Jan-Tjeerd H.N. de Faber, MD

8:45–8:55 AM
New Approaches to Third Nerve Palsy
Mauro Goldchmit, MD

8:55–9:05 AM
Adjustable Bilateral Superior Oblique Tendon Advancement
Jonathan M. Holmes, MD

9:05–9:15 AM
Can We Correct Torsion with Inferior Rectus Surgery
Miho Sato, MD

9:15–9:25 AM
Significance of Compartmentalization in Ocular Motor Nerve Palsies
Joseph L. Demer, MD, PhD

9:25–9:35 AM
Question and Answer Session

Purpose/Relevance:  Paralytic Strabismus is a common problem in specialized strabismus practice resulting from tumor, trauma or inflammatory disease of the brain. The management decisions are complex. This program will highlight some approaches being utilized by surgeons from around the world.

Target Audience:  Strabismus specialists including pediatric ophthalmologists.

Current Practice:  Paralytic strabismus is difficult to manage often with frequent undercorrections.

Best Practice:  To understand the best surgical approaches to these difficult conditions as well as the limitations of these surgical approaches. In some cases surgery may not be the best option.

Expected Outcomes:  To learn approaches currently be employed for surgical management of complicated paralytic strabismus. These could improve the outcomes for our patients.

Format:  A series of focused talks on each subject with 3 minutes of panel discussion for each talk.

Summary:  Paralytic strabismus is a difficult clinical problem often managed with surgery. For each of the cranial neuropathies there are best practices which will be discussed. In addition new imaging information suggests specific portions of the extraocular muscle are damaged in paralytic strabismus which may influence treatment decisions.

References:  1. Demer JL.Compartmentalization of extraocular muscle function. Eye (Lond). 2015 Feb;29(2):157-62

March 19 @ 08:35


– 09:35


International Ballroom Center

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