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Rapid Fire Poster Session 2

Moderator: Michael X. Repka, MD

Re-Reading the Same Line in Intermittent Exotropia is Related to the Saccadic Disconjugacy
Takashi Fujikado, MD

Precision Pulse Capsulotomy (PPC) in Pediatric Cataract Surgery – Initial Results
Ramesh Kekunnaya, FRCS

Vernier-Derived Position and Motion Deficits in Previously Untreated Anisometropic Amblyopia
Sean I. Chen, PhD

Nanophthalmos in Children – Morphometric and Clinical Characterization
Sumita Agarkar

Semi-Automatic Measurement of Horizontal Angle of Strabismus Using Digital Pictures
Chloe C. Couret

Pathology of Macular Retinoschisis Due to Vitreoretinal Traction in Abusive Head Trauma
Alex V. Levin, MD, MHSc

Strabismus Sursumadductorium or IVth Nerve Palsy: Similar Clinical Picture, Different MRI Imaging Features
Giovanni B. Marcon, MD

Direct-to-Consumer Virtual Visits: Is This The Next Generation Health-Care Delivery System for Pediatric Ophthalmology?
Ankoor S. Shah, MD, PhD

The Management of Vertical Deviations in Sagging Eye Syndrome
Shauna Berry, DO

Natural History of Accommodative Esotropia with High AC/A Ratio
Margaret M. Reynolds, MD

March 21 @ 16:15


– 17:15


International Ballroom Center

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