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Scientific Session 1

Amblyopia - Vision - Public Health

Moderators: Jospeh L. Demer, MD, PhD & Robert E. Wiggins, Jr. MD

12:05–12:12 PM
New Pediatric Vision Questionnaires for Assessing Health-Related Quality of Life and Functional Vision in Childhood Eye Conditions
Jonathan M. Holmes, MD
Sarah R. Hatt; David A. Leske; Suzanne M. Wernimont; Yolanda S. Castañeda; Laura Liebermann; Christina S. Cheng-Patel; Eileen E. Birch

12:12–12:19 PM
Red Reflex Examination in Reproductive and Child Health Clinics for Early Detection of Pediatric Cataract/Ocular Media Disorders: Evidence from Kilimanjaro Tanzania
Furahini G. Mndeme, MD
Evarista Mgaya; Louise Allen; Richard Bowman

12:19–12:26 PM
Impaired Motion Perception in the Fellow Eye of Amblyopic Children is Related to Abnormal Binocular Function
Eileen E. Birch, PhD
Reed M. Jost, MS; Yi-Zhong Wang, PhD; Krista R. Kelly, PhD; Deborah E. Giaschi, PhD

12:26–12:33 PM
Treatment Outcomes for Amblyopia Using PEDIG Amblyopia Protocols – A Prospective Study of 852 Cases
Miranda Buckle, FRCOphth
John D. Ferris, FRCOphth; Parth Shah, FRANZCO; Catherine Billington, DBO

12:33–12:40 PM
Sparing of Vernier Acuity in Children with Recent Onset Strabismus and Amblyopia Before and After Treatment
Arvind Chandna, MD, FRCOphth
Sean Chen, MD, PhD; Anthony M. Norcia, PhD

12:40–12:47 PM
Novel Binocular iPad Cartoon Video Program Improves Stereoacuity and Central Fusion in Treated and Untreated Amblyopes
Vicki M. Chen, MD
Nicole Quinn; Sylvia Yoo; Catherine Choir; Paul D. Reese; Shelley Klein; Mitchel B. Strominger

12:47–12:54 PM
Effects of Immersive Virtual Reality Viewing on Young Children: Visuomotor Function, Postural Stability and Visually-Induced Motion Sickness
Lawrence Tychsen, MD
Paul Foeller, MS

12:54–1:01 PM
Impact of Trainee on Patient Appointment Time in a Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic
Michael F. Chiang, MD
Isaac H. Goldstein; Sarah Read-Brown; Michelle R. Hirer

1:01–1:15 PM
PANEL DISCUSSION – Jonathan M. Holmes, MD; Furahini G. Mndeme, MD; Eileen E. Birch, PhD; Miranda Buckle, FRCOphth; Arvind Chandna, MD, FRCOphth; Vicki M. Chen, MD; Lawrence Tychsen, MD; Michael F. Chiang, MD

March 19 @ 12:05


– 13:15

(1h 10′)

International Ballroom Center

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