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Scientific Session 2

Strabismus - Glaucoma - Optic Nerve - Oculoplastics

Moderators: Stephen P. Christiansen, MD & David A. Plager, MD

8:35–8:42 AM
Incidence and Profile of Strabismus in an Acute Stroke Population
Fiona J. Rowe, PhD, DBO
Lauren R. Hepworth; Kerry Hanna; Claire Howard

8:42–8:49 AMS
Strabismus and Strabismus Surgery in The United States: Analysis from the IRIS Registry
Michael X. Repka, MD, MBA
Flora Lum, MD; Bhavya Burugapolli, MPH

8:49–8:56 AM
Evaluation and Valuation of an Innovative Digital Ocular Motility Measuring System
Ossama M. Hakim, MD
Mohamed Kaoud, MD; Ala Sadek, MD

8:56–9:03 AM
Eye-Tracking Based Device for Measurement of Both Manifest and Latent Eye Deviations in Adults and Children
Tamara Wygnanski-Jaffe, MD
Abraham Spierer, MD; Michael Belkin, MD; Dan Oz; Oren Yehezkel, OD

9:03–9:10 AM
Comparison of Preemptive Analgesic Effect of Retrobulbar Block and Intravenous Fentanyl in Pediatric Strabismus Surgery
Dina H. Hassanein, MD, FRCS
Fatma M. Nada; Ahmed M. Kamal Gomaa, MD; Mohammed A. Selim, MD

9:10–9:17 AM
Analgesic Eyedrops Reduce Opioid Demand after Strabismus Surgery
Jon Peiter Saunte, MD
Anette M. Hansen, RN; Lisbeth Balle Jensen, RN; Mette Stryhn Borger, RN; Tobias Torp-Pedersen, MD, PhD; Jonna Storm Fomsgaard, MD

9:17–9:24 AM
Risk of Developing Glaucoma/Glaucoma Suspect within 18 Months after Pediatric Cataract Surgery
Sharon F. Freedman, MD
Michael X. Repka, MD; Raymond T. Kraker, MSPH; David K. Wallace, MD; Alejandra de Alba Campomanes, MD; Tammy L. Yanovitch, MD; Faruk H. Orge, MD; Matthew D. Gearinger, MD

9:24–9:31 AM
The Ahmed-Baerveldt Comparison (ABC) Study for Pediatric Refractory Glaucoma
Bibiana J. Reiser, MD
Yohko Murakami; Ja-Yoon Choe; Dilshad Contractor; Mark Reid

9:31–9:38 AM
Microcatheter-Assisted Trabeculotomy Versus Circumferential Trabeculotomy with the Rigid Probe Trabeculotome in Pediatric Glaucoma
Yasmine M. El Sayed, MD, MSC, PhD
Ghada I. Gawdat

9:38–9:45 AM
Visual Outcomes after Chemotherapy for Optic Pathway Glioma in Children with and without Neurofibromatosis Type 1: Results of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) Low-Grade Glioma 2004 Trial United Kingdom (UK) Cohort
Kevin M. Falzon, MD, FRCOphth
Evangelos Drimtzias, MD, PhD; Susan Picton, FRCP; Ian Simmons, FRCOphth

9:45– 9:52 AM
Two-Point Fixation Levator Aponeurosis Tucking Versus Standard Levator Resection for Congenital Blepharoptosis
Sameh H. Abdelbaky, MD
Rania A. Elessawy, MD; Dina H. Hassanein, MD; Kareem B. Abdelrahman, MD; Heba H. Mohamed

9:52–10:05 AM
PANEL DISCUSSION – Fiona J. Rowe, PhD, DBO; Michael X. Repka, MD, MBA; Ossama M. Hakim, MD; Tamara Wygnanski-Jaffe, MD; Dina H. Hassanein, MD, FRCS; Jon Peiter Saunte, MD; Sharon F. Freedman, MD; Bibiana J. Reiser, MD; Yasmine M. El Sayed, MD, MSC, PhD; Kevin M. Falzon, MD, FRCOphth ; Sameh H. Abdelbaky, MD

March 21 @ 08:35


– 10:05

(1h 30′)

International Ballroom Center

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