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Workshops March 19

2:05 – 3:15 PM
Workshop 4
Advocacy Preparation Workshop
Kenneth P. Cheng, MD; Michael X. Repka, MD; Jordana M. Smith, MD; Kyle E. Miller, MD; Steven C. Thornquist, MD; Todd J. Murdock, MD; John W. Simon, MD; John D. Roarty, MD; Stacey J. Kruger, MD; Constance E. West, MD; Iris S. Kassem, MD, PhD; Pamela E. Williams, MD; Rebecca Hyder

3:25 – 5:00 PM
Coding Workshop – Another Day in the Life of the Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Sue Vicchrilli, COT, OCS; Michael J. Bartiss, OD, MD; Robert S. Gold, MD; Heather H. Dunn, COA, OCS
International Ballroom West