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Anna Horwood, PhD, DBOT

Anna Horwood has worked as a clinical orthoptist, orthoptist teacher and researcher in the UK since the 1970’s. The birth of a daughter with an apparent esotropia began her research interest in the development of binocular vision and concomitant strabismus. A PhD with Professor Tricia Riddell at the University of Reading in 2002 led onto two personal Fellowships from the UK National Institute of Health Research and the Medical Research Council which funded their major studies. Anna and Tricia’s long collaboration has led to a series of studies across many aspects of accommodation, convergence, and their relationships, in the context of infant development and intermittent strabismus. This work has suggested that consideration of the weighting of the different visual cues which drive convergence and accommodation can explain many clinical findings. Anna is Research Director of the British & Irish Orthoptic Society and is still involved with orthoptic professional education in the UK.

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